by Parshy & Zham

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A fusion of novel ideas, this genre-less explosion of sound takes the listener on an exuberant journey throughout all realms of electronic music.


[Verse 1]

Drop the base
Drop the bass
Play the cards for divine inspiration

Drop the base
Drop the bass
My art overlooked despite innovation

Drop the base
Drop the bass

Sweating all day for the standing ovation
Living my life to the music sensation
Drop the bass, Titration

[Verse 2]

They don't even know what's next
We're testing the sounds like an experiment
The ideas that come out of our minds
Are so clean-cut with lines
So quick and defined
That you might even miss a rhyme

But that's not how the industry works
Paying you some money to show off your worth
The devil's spreading your dirt
Made out of your music
What's the point of talent if you never get to use it?

We've got to stop trying to take it back
Or rearrange tracks at the drop of a hat
We've got to switch that—

Start tweaking the ears and turning the tables
Reinvent the future with our audio cables
Hard work, sweat, and tears—out!
We're changing the game without a doubt

We're in beast mode, gonna scream and shout
Our music is out, and we're killing now!
Let's go

[Verse 3]

Lyrically insane
So young yet so much to say

Produced, mixed, and carefully crafted
Converting ideas into track lists

Self-taught, shoutout to Harkness
Finding the light beneath the darkness

The message fused by two artists
Our music stems from where the heart is

Mixing the elements like a chemist
Piecing it together but it ain't no tetris

From the start we knew the inspiration was gold
Keeping the elements popping, but the track controlled
Forget the persona, put that on hold
Genre-less, yet a concept so bold

I said I'm pressing it, playing it, starting, and mixing
The flow Bach and Beethoven
Spitting it, killing it

[Verse 4]

The doors open as the window closes
Emotion flows in like abstract forces
Ideas coming in as the tide is rising
Compass set to be past the horizon

Follow the flow, we using Logic
Opposite of mainstream, making it far from common
Rhyme game set in, music checked in
Audible syllables spilling
Never giving in—

Dreaming really high, saying music is our lane
Flow-like Fiasco
Looping the game
As I breathe in the flames
As I got to make change

Sky falling, transforming
Condensing the rain
As we're coming again
Put it back in the game

Taking it past all reason tide to fortune or fame
As we understand the place where it began or came—

Are you a player?
Or a piece?
Or a part of the name?


released 15 June 2015



all rights reserved


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Parshy Cincinnati, Ohio

Musician, Rapper, Producer, Composer, Pianist, DJ, Vocalist, Graphic Designer, Human-Being.

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